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Lianyungang City, Wei Hua Packing Co., Ltd., is located in beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, sea and air transportation is convenient coastal state's key tourist city - Jiangsu Province Lianyungang City. This is known as the east bridgehead of Eurasia, the Longhai Railway to the East starting point, long depth (G25), even - Huo (G30), Shen Yihai (G15) such as the highway passes, Lianyungang airport, three-dimensional traffic network of up to across the country.

The company is the production and sale of a variety of high profile flexible packaging films, bags of professional manufacturers. The introduction of today's advanced technology of flexible packaging production line and testing equipment, using dry compound, CO extrusion, casting and other process, a variety of substrate compound, composite layers of up to 2 - 8 layer, can satisfy your different product packaging needs. The main products are all aluminum foil bag, aluminum bags, bags of boiled, high-temperature cooking bags, pouches, zipper bags, vacuum bag, color printing packing bag, special shaped packaging bag and all kinds of color printing composite flexible packaging material roll; a variety of high and low temperature co extruded tensile membrane, high barrier stretch film. The product has the characteristics of bright color, clear pattern, high peel strength, smooth sealing, long shelf life and so on.


Lianyungang City, Wei Hua Packaging Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Wang

Cell phone: 13851287315

Telephone: 0518-85306315

Mailbox: [email protected]


Address: Chang Wei Lu Dapu industrial zone of Lianyungang economic and Technological Development Zone No. 16


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